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Unlikely partnerships drive innovation

Competitive advantage is a fundamental driver of all successful companies. However, maintaining that advantage is becoming increasingly difficult as emerging technologies generate disruptive market forces more powerful and dynamic than ever before. Transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet [...]

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Corporations must sync with emerging tech companies to stay ahead

Innovation drives competitive advantage and sustainability for businesses. Innovation teams at leading global companies leverage existing market strengths to extend product lines, improve operating efficiencies and add new features to flagship products. This incremental innovation is an essential driver, keeping [...]

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JumpStart Makes Investments in 4 Innovative Tech Companies

JumpStart recently made investments into four Ohio-based tech companies, adding new technologies to our diverse and growing portfolio. These innovative startups offer platforms which seek to solve unique challenges within their sectors. Learn more about the four companies joining our [...]

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JumpStart Welcomes Five New Startups To Its Portfolio

We are excited to introduce five new companies recently added to JumpStart’s investment portfolio. These five new companies join the 120+ innovative tech companies in our portfolio. Learn more about these groundbreaking companies: Thrivable Thrivable is the healthcare industry’s only [...]

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