Fueling Midwest tech together.

JumpStart Ventures has built a national network of more than 100 co-investment partners to help drive the success of high-potential, early-stage companies.

As one of the most active seed-stage investors in the country, we have invested in more than 140 high-growth tech startups in the Midwest. Our investments have generated 2.5X+ returns-to-date via nationally recognized exits.

With more than $140 million under management, we continue to build a strong investment network to deliver high-impact capital to the most promising seed and Series A stage startups across the Midwest.

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Helping corporations stay ahead of the pace of change.

Digital transformation continues to fuel emergent technologies and disrupt markets. We work with corporations to leverage this competitive edge and drive innovation.

We source and vet emerging technologies for our corporate innovation partners, helping their innovation teams identify, assess, validate and adopt new solutions to market pain points.

We work as an extension of corporate venture and innovation teams, sharing co-investment opportunities and providing capital for development and growth. As these concepts mature and scale, we support expansion to new markets, ultimately generating additional revenue streams for corporate partners.

Partners in commercialization: UH Ventures

Partners in commercialization: UH Ventures

The Healthcare Collaboration Fund, managed in partnership between JumpStart Ventures and University Hospital Ventures, invests in early-stage healthcare technologies and software applications.

Using a living lab approach, new technologies are assessed for commercial viability, provided seed funding and powered through a pilot within the health system.

This approach tests assumptions, helps validate product/market fit and informs any technology refinement before launching to a broader market.